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9.30am (AEST) 2nd October – via zoom
Treatment for BPD: a Common Factors Approach with Dr Lois Choi-Khan ( Director, Gunderson Personality Disorder Institute, McLean Hospital
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School)
This presentation will review the major evidence based psychotherapies for borderline personality disorder, distil their common factors and present the generalist Good Psychiatric Management approach as one way to meet the broader needs of the high prevalence of patients with BPD seeking care.


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Steven MarshallA hospital emergency department isn't always the most appropriate place to treat those needing urgent mental health assistance.

This week, the doors have opened to a nation-first Urgent Mental Health Care Centre that is an alternative to a hospital Emergency Department.

People seeking help, especially in times of crisis, will have access to on-the-spot treatment, advice, and support provided by a variety of mental health professionals.

The design of the new centre includes consultation rooms, and a ‘living room’ environment for people to sit in rather than hospital-style cubicles.

More than half of the centre's multi-disciplinary team will have a lived experience of mental health recovery.

This centre will not only reduce pressure on our EDs, but also reduce the time people seeking urgent help need to wait for care, freeing up hospital space and improving patient flow.

It's part of our commitment to provide better services for people with mental health challenges.
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Hope this takes off to other states. Well done SA. There is a huge gap in our system for emergency mental health.

Will be many years before this goes nationally. Especially in regional & rural areas.

hoping this is in Victoria and every state in all hopsitals soon

We are finally on the right track 👏

So proud of SA right now 🙏💕


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