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for Borderline Personality Disorder

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for workshops in Victoria, Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia.
Each 2-day workshop will aim to enable clinicians and service providers to recognise, respond to and treat people living with BPD and be inclusive of family and friends. Ongoing mentoring and supervision will be offered to participants for the life of the project.

(Workshops scheduled for NSW and ACT in 2021)

Developed in partnership between Australian BPD Foundation and Spectrum Personality Disorder Service. This project was undertaken with funding from the National Mental Health Commission.

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Mental Health AustraliaWe are promoting a series of community-driven ideas to help people keep mentally well during this difficult time.

Comment any things you have found helpful to look after your wellbeing while being physically distant!

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Mahlie has uploaded a Drawing for Distress Tolerance workship in 4 parts. This is an arts based workshop created by Mahlie, originally for a face to face format. Her goal is to work with people to use art to regulate emotions, tolerate distress and find positive solutions to these challenges. Click below for Part 1 - Intro, about Mahlie and Continuous Line Drawing for Distress Tolerance is an arts based workshop created by me, originally in a face to face format. The goal is to work with people to use art to re... ... See moreSee less

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