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for Borderline Personality Disorder

1-7 October 2020

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'Flipping the Script: Changing the Narrative on BPD' encourages people to change the way they think and talk about borderline personality disorder.

Due to COVID the Foundation has reformatted its conference and instead of a 2 day event will hold a series of online events for clinicians, consumers and carers during and in conjunction with BPD Awareness Week activities. It is essential to register for events as COVID-19 restrictions may change suddenly.

Program of events (Click here to check the time for your time zone  NB Daylight saving commences on October 4th)

Wednesday 30th September

6.00 - 7.30pm (AWST) BPD Awareness Week Celebration (Perth)

Embracing BPD invites you to come join our group for some nibbles and refreshments to celebrate all the positive things we are achieving in our space. There will be resources and networking opportunities to be had. There will be limited tickets due to the capacity of the room. This is a FREE event and all people are welcome.

For more information email or to register

Thursday 1st October 

6.30 - 8.30pm (AEST) - Coz of Covid: Coping strategies for managing during these uncertain times surrounding COVID-19 a panel of peer advocates will discuss how they are coping. Faciliator Mahlie Jewell a lived experience advocate.  This event is for people with BPD and is free.

Friday 2nd October

9.30am (AEST) Keynote Lois Choi-Khan (Director, Gunderson Personality Disorder Institute USA) “Treatment for BPD: a Common Factors Approach”.  To be held via zoom

Abstract: With the advent of evidence based treatments for borderline personality disorder, we now know "what works." However, what does not work is that the demand for effective treatments is high and the supply, is inadequate to meet this need due to the time and training intensive nature of these specialized psychotherapeutic treatments.

What we need to know now is what works about these effective treatments, to understand their common factors, so that all clinicians can recognize and care for patients with BPD using a common factors generalist approach. This presentation will review the major evidence based psychotherapies for BPD, distill their common factors, and present the generalist Good Psychiatric Management (GPM) approach as one way to meet broader needs of the high prevalence of patients with BPD seeking care. In addition, models of stepped care, allocation generalist common factors approaches to all, and then intensifying care for those who do not respond adequately will be described. Lastly, directions for the future, to improve and broaden accessibility of what works in the treatment of BPD, with greater attention to early intervention and psychosocial functioning will be discussed.

Who should attend:
This workshop is ideally suited to clinicians from a range of mental health and allied health sectors who want to broaden their understanding of BPD and to be able to offer appropriate supports.

 To register

Via Zoom. Flyer

This event is an partnership between the Foundation  and Prevention United

Saturday 3rd October

12 noon - 2.30pm (AWST) WA - Lunch in the sunshine. Please bring along a picnic or barbeque For more information or to register. This event is free.

4.00 - 5.00pm (AEST) P.A.W.S. Pets Assisting Wellness Session   


Do you want to meet other pets who assist wellness and take care of their humans?

Bring your human to our zoom event!  To register

All pets are invited to a zoom session to meet other pets who assist wellness and to talk about all the great things they do to keep their humans happy and healthy. Share your expert advice, tips and tricks for supporting your humans through their tough days.

Sunday 4th October

12 noon - 2.30pm (AEDT) ACT - Fun day out to celebrate BPD Awareness Week. Please BYO picnic lunch, blankets and chairs.  For more information or to register. This event is free.

Monday 5th October

What is Family Connections? The top 5 skills and how they can help you and your family.  A webinar for families and carers - in partnership with NEABPD This event is free.  registration details to follow.

Tuesday 6th October

7pm AEDT Sane Topic Tuesday with special guest Julian from Spectrum. This event is free.

8pm AEDT - A MHPN BPD Network Event via zoom - "An overview of using Sensory Modulation with people with Borderline Personality Disorder" presented by Carolyn Fitzgibbon and Julie O’Sullivan (Mental Health Occupational Therapists and Directors of Sensory Modulation Brisbane).  Click here for more information. This event is free. Registration essential via this link.

NB This session is designed for mental health professionals and we encourage people with BPD and family/carers to utilise their own coping strategies if they become distressed during the session.

Wednesday 7th October

11.30am -1.00pm (AEDT) Latest research in borderline personality disorder (BPD) - a panel discussion. Four researchers from diverse area will discuss the recent research.

Facilitator: Jillian Broadbear

"Stigma perpetuation at the interface of mental health care: a review to compare patient and clinician perspectives of stigma and borderline personality disorder (BPD)"Daniel Ring

The lived experience of recovery in borderline personality disorder: a qualitative study” Fiona Ng and Mahlie Jewell

"Research into Mother/Infant DBT" Anne Sved-Williams

“Assessment of peer led Workshops for carers (family, friends and partners) supporting a person with a diagnosis (or possible diagnosis) of BPD” Rita Brown and Jo Veltkamp

This event is free.

2.00-3.30pm (AEDT) Early Intervention - panel discussion led by Orygen. This event is free.

6.30-7.30pm (AEDT) - Q & A Session for General Practitioners for Working with People with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) hosted by Spectrum

GPs are invited to attend this free live video-conference session with a panel comprising three very experienced specialists, including two Spectrum psychiatrists and a GP Specialist. The session will provide an opportunity to raise questions and discuss issues regarding both practice and knowledge in relation to working with people with BPD and to participate in facilitated and informative consideration of the questions raised.

Topics for consideration will be on general practice questions rather than about specific clients.
Panel: Associate Professor Sathya Rao, Dr Gillian Singleton, and Dr Lukas Cheney.

Questions will be taken live within the session. Additionally, if you have any questions you would like the panel to address, or issues related to registration please contact Ms Josie Shinkfield on email

Please click here to register for this event. 

Thursday 8th October 

The latest treatment options for BPD and alternative coping strategies whilst waiting for treatment Family/Carer webinar - in partnership with NEABPD This event is free. registration details to follow.

Friday 9th October

12-3.00pm (ACDT) - SA - a panel discussion flipping the common misconception that BPD is predominantly a female condition and encouraging clinicians to be aware that BPD presents in men in similar proportions to women.

Hear a panel of men with lived experience of BPD, and clinicians working in this area. Catering and networking from 2:00-3:00pm.   Live session at Flinders University + streamed. Registration essential

We wish to acknowledge the support of the following organisations for their support in hosting events or sponsorship