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for Borderline Personality Disorder

Stage 2: e-learning Program

e-learning program Effective psychological Treatment for BPD: an e-learning program for mental health workers and service providers to give you with the knowledge and skills to provide evidence-based treatment and support to the person with BPD and their family/carers.

The e-learning program is currently being evaluated and should be available soon.

The Foundation wishes to acknowledge Project Air Strategy for Personality Disorders as the authors of this e-learning program particularly their development team, Kayla Steele, Dr. Ely Marceau, Dr. Michelle Townsend & Prof. Brin F.S. Grenyer , Spectrum Personality Disorder service for Victoria for review and the NMHC for supporting this Strategy

The second stage of this activity is the Identification of BPD Champions with appropriate knowledge, skills and to undertake Stage 3 which will be comprised of face to face intensive workshops, and a Train the Trainer Program.