Support Promote Advocate

for Borderline Personality Disorder

Core Competency Workshops

for workshops in Victoria, Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia.

Each 2-day core-competency workshop will aim to upskill clinicians and service providers to recognise, respond to and treat people living with BPD and be inclusive of family and friends. Ongoing mentoring and supervision will be offered to participants for the life of the project.

This workshop will cover the core competencies clinicians require to effectively engage with and support with people with BPD including:

1. Understanding the diagnosis of BPD (including symptoms, prevalence, causes and evidence based treatments)
2. Co-morbidity and co-existing disorders in BPD
3. General principles for the treatment and care of people with BPD
4. Treatment structure
5. The therapeutic relationship
6. Partnering with families, partners and carers
7. Working with risk
8. Skills development focus
9. Clinician self – awareness
10. Recovery in BPD


Train the Trainer Workshops

Details of the Train the Trainer Workshops will be made available to participants at the two day Workshops.

Stage 3 of the BPD National Strategy has been developed by a partnership between Australian BPD Foundation and Spectrum Personality Disorder Service. This project was undertaken with funding from the National Mental Health Commission.