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for Borderline Personality Disorder

MHPN Sydney BPD Network

Sydney BPD MHPN Meeting 4,  August 2018

Kate Mikhailouskaya presents a case study of a client with BPD presentation with a traumatic background which is discussed with other members.

Kate Mikhailouskaya discusses BPD presentations of clients from a traumatic background such as people from a Middle Eastern Background including asylum seekers.

Sydney BPD MHPN Meeting 3, June 2018

Peter Heggie presents from a lived experience perspective of caring for a loved one with BPD.

Ann Brita Nilsson presents on the topic 'Self-Care When Supporting Someone with BPD'.

Rebecca Ciatto presents on the topic 'Youth and BPD Traits'.

Liz Whyte presents on the topic 'Understanding Suicide'.

Sydney BPD MHPN Meeting 2 2018

Psychiatrist Dr Anthony Korner, gives his presentation 'Conversational Model Therapy, other Psychodynamic Therapies & Stepped Care'

Rebecca Ciatto presents 'Radically Open DBT: Differences to Traditional DBT & When to Apply it'

Mitchell Howarth, Psychologist & Clinical Psychology Registrar, gives his presentation 'Managing Counter-Transference Reactions'

A BPD Case Study is presented, and each of the presenters give comment and different perspectives based on their different modes of treatment