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Borderline Personality Disorder
& Complex Trauma

MHPN Sydney BPD Network

Sydney BPD Awareness Week Event and Sydney BPD MHPN Meeting 10th October 2018

Mahlie presents on the launch of the Borderline Personality Disorder Anti-Stigma Campaign.

Dr Ely Marceau from Project Air presents on 'BPD and the Brain - the Neuroscience of Treatment'.

Clodagh Ross Hamid presents on 'Brief psychological interventions and stepped care frameworks for supporting people with personality disorder'.

Sydney BPD MHPN Meeting 4,  August 2018

Kate Mikhailouskaya presents a case study of a client with BPD presentation with a traumatic background which is discussed with other members.

Kate Mikhailouskaya discusses BPD presentations of clients from a traumatic background such as people from a Middle Eastern Background including asylum seekers.

Sydney BPD MHPN Meeting 3, June 2018

Peter Heggie presents from a lived experience perspective of caring for a loved one with BPD.

Rebecca Ciatto presents on the topic 'Youth and BPD Traits'.

Liz Whyte presents on the topic 'Understanding Suicide'.

Sydney BPD MHPN Meeting 2 2018

Psychiatrist Dr Anthony Korner, gives his presentation 'Conversational Model Therapy, other Psychodynamic Therapies & Stepped Care'

Rebecca Ciatto presents 'Radically Open DBT: Differences to Traditional DBT & When to Apply it'

Mitchell Howarth, Psychologist & Clinical Psychology Registrar, gives his presentation 'Managing Counter-Transference Reactions'

A BPD Case Study is presented, and each of the presenters give comment and different perspectives based on their different modes of treatment

Sydney BPD MHPN Meeting 1 - 5th October 2017

NSW Mental Health Commissioner Catherine Lourey

Conjoint Assoc Prof Chris Willcox - "Are we there yet?"

Prof. Brin Grenyer from Project Air - "What is BPD and how can it be treated"

Research Fellow Fiona Ng from Project Air - "Recovery"

Carer Advocate - Peter Heggie

Peter Heggie is a Carer advocate. His vast knowledge and expertise has helped individuals (both carers and consumers) to understand mental health and also feel supported. Peter spoke about his journey as a Carer living with someone diagnosed with BPD. His insight, knowledge and understanding of the mental health system highlights why he was awarded the Carers Recognition Award.

Lived Experience Advocate Mahlie Jewell

Sydney BPD Mental Health Professionals Network Meetings (MHPN)

In October 2017 the Sydney BPD MHPN was launched. The MHPN is an interdisciplinary and collaborative network made up of professionals, with 4 meetings held per year on a range of information about BPD relating to the professionals in the network. You can watch the videos on our Youtube of some of the meetings (links above)

The network coordinators were Laura Knight and Jonathan Harms from MHCN. From 2019, the network coordinators are now Kate Lewis, Ann Brita Nilsson, and Avishen Saurty.

For more information contact MHPN on email