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for Borderline Personality Disorder

Federal Election 2022

To ensure Australians living with BPD receive effective treatment and the best chance of recovery (and their support network receive education and support) we need our Federal and State politicians to understand more about borderline personality disorder and commit resources to make real change. 

We have developed a National Consensus Statement that we have delivered to the Federal and State Ministers and Shadow Ministers for Health/Mental Health. You can help us make Australia’s political leaders sit up and really take notice of the challenges and opportunities facing people with BPD and their families by making your voice heard and showing your support for the statement.

Please show your support for our Statement and also ask your candidates for the 2022 Elections to show their support as well

We have prepared a proforma letter that you may wish to include in your email or write your own. If you feel comfortable please include a paragraph or two on why this is important to you – politicians want to hear what’s important for their constituents and the personal letter makes them take more notice.

Template email to send to your Candidates

Consensus Statement

Show your support for the Consensus Statement

 AEC website - to search for your candidates

Contact details of Senators and Members (as at Feb 2022)

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