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BPD Webinar Series.  The next webinar in the series will be held on 19/04/18 at 7.15pm AEST on the topic "Evidence based treatments for people living with Borderline Personality Disorder"

Towards building a National BPD Training & Professional Development Strategy.  Funded by the Australian Government.
Delivered to you by The Australian BPD Foundation, Spectrum The Personality Disorder Service for Victoria and the Mental Health Professionals Network (MHPN) 

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Today we would like to hear some suggestions from you on the music you find relaxing/soothing. Our choices in music are very personal. Music that one person finds relaxing may not appeal to another.

Can you recall listening to music that soothed you, made you happy or made you feel agitated? One of the reasons that we listen to music is because it is enjoyable.

When we are stressed it can sometimes be difficult to listen to music. Often that’s because music reminds us of old times. Therefore finding some new tunes can be helpful.

So there are no right/wrong answers here.

Let us know your suggestions for relaxing music ideas by commenting on this post!
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Lol oh I can't stand the song called the sound if silence I don't know why but its highly irritating, I also can't stand most pop music, I don't mind country music when I'm in the car. I like music with acoustic guitar in it I also like relaxation music but not ones with plink plonks of a piano or keyboard, or noise of a fluit its too hipiched and not soothing, sometimes the sound of water in nature is relaxing

I'm obsessed with Eminem when I'm down. It soothes me to listen to something that resonates.

I love my 80's and 90's pop and although it can bring back wonderful memories of good times i have to be careful it doesn't take me back to bad times. When i have my favourite music on i sm always monitoring the effect it has on me so it stays positive otherwise i just have to turn it off.

I like to listen to jazz, Oscar Peterson, John Coltrane etc., i have an eclectic mix of music, but when depressed I like silence.

In my experience of BPD I have up moods and down moods (although I'm not bi-polar). In the up moods I drink heavily and listen to the final movement of Mahler's 5th Symphony, which is orgasmically exciting. In the down moods I listen to Shostakovich, and drink heavily. If I'm REALLY down, I listen to Rachmanninov, drink heavily and cry my eyes out. Sorry to get a bit high-brow, and BTW, I drink heavily, but only for the last 45 years or so. lol

Baroque genre to calm down. Folk to feel/become less numb And metal/rock to amp up.

I like turning on '10 things I hate about you' & listening to Heath Ledger sing, 'you're just too good to be true, can't take my eyes off of you' yes?

I love modern style instrumental, emotional lyrics - it helps me be true to myself. Classic 80s and 90s

Folk or Celtic type music, so Loreena Mckennitt and Enya.

The Lord of the Rings calm and ambient mix on YouTube.

420 hertz is good for the soul. There are pop songs written in this way and also instrumentals.

Anything Anthony Warlow - so classical/opera ish

Marconi union

Nox Arcana.

Dope Lemon

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The Personality Disorders Consumer and Carer Day will be held on Thursday 1st November at the University of Wollongong.

This day is a collaboration between Project Air Strategy, the New South Wales of the Australian BPD Foundation, Mental Health Carers NSW and Being- Mental Health and Wellbeing Consumer Advisory Group.

Registrations are now open, click here for more information:
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Me and my BPD. Living in Hobart /TAS there's very little in the way of community support, wish I could attend

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