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General information about accessing treament may be found in the Treatment for BPD menu above or in the Resources tab - Support for.....

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Some of our Victorian followers may be interested assisting in this project run by Mind Australia.........Chance to help Victoria Police develop their skills for working with people with mental health challenges and their families

From Mind Australia (Recovery College)… “From time to time we become aware of opportunities to improve the community experience for people with mental health challenges that we think may interest you. We have had some contact with Victoria Police who are working hard to make sure that all community members are treated fairly and with respect even when situations are at times very difficult. They recognise that it is important to avoid biases and understand the experiences and needs of vulnerable groups in the community.

To do this they want to collect some real life stories that can be used to help police officers to understand and respond well to all people they encounter in their work including people with mental health challenges. The stories will be used in training for new police and more experienced officers.

If you have a story about a good or bad experience that you are willing to share with Victoria Police they would really like to hear it. You can do so anonymously if you like by sending your story to us at the Recovery College and we will pass it on with or without your name according to what you prefer. They are looking for short stories of about 1 – 2 pages that cover the following:
• About the people involved age, mental health, roles consumers, carers, family, anything else you think is important.
• What happened?
• How were the police involved?
• How did things work out?
• What was good and why?
• What went badly and why?
• Your ideas about what the police could have done differently?”
You can talk to Mind Australia if you have any questions or concerns. Contact Dianne Hardy on Ph: 8698 4061 or Email:
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Vic - Fostering Realistic Hope 2 day Workshop

For Carer Families/Partners Supporting a Family Member with Borderline Personality Disorder

The workshop aims to:

• Invite participants to share and respond to stories of living with BPD and the effects it has on their lives & relationships
• Explore-evaluate participants’ and professional knowledge and practices that foster realistic ways to support relationships and promote initiatives that work with the effects of BPD on families.

For more information or to register contact Peter McKenzie or Ph: 03 9385 5100
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