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  • Declare BPD as a PUBLIC HEALTH PRIORITY in Australia.

  • To develop a POPULATION HEALTH APPROACH to care for BPD.

  • Establish a NATIONAL TRAINING FRAMEWORK for BPD in collaboration with existing BPD training organizations and initiatives e.g. Spectrum, NEA-BPD, Project Air, Australian BPD Foundation (A national training framework should address the needs of mental health workforce and primary sector to work with people with BPD and their families/carers. It should also train peer consumer and carer workers to provide peer support and to lead peer support groups under supervision of a clinician).

  • Establish state-wide/territory wide specialist centres of clinical excellence for BPD (such as Spectrum in Victoria) in every single state and territory of Australia.

  • Establish a National Research centre for BPD.

  • Develop models of care for BPD in health services.

  • Support the Australian BPD Foundation as the BPD awareness raising organization, advocate and provider of information about education and services for people with BPD and their families/carers.

  • Establish a National Suicide Registry for BPD in order to estimate the true mortality rates for BPD in Australia.

  • Commission a National BPD treatment implementation research.

  • Establish a National Registry of all accredited and evidence based treatment providers for BPD and make all clinicians, BPD patients and their families should have access to such a registry to enable access to currently existing treatment resources.

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