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Resources to help you and others stay well during COVID-19

A collection of resources to help support your mental well-being during these challenging times

Numerous organisations (and individuals) are publishing a variety of resources to support peoples mental health during this period of uncertainty and anxiety around COVID-19.

We hope you find some of these helpful and rather than focussing on 'social distancing' reframe to 'physical distancing with social connection'.  Together we are living through 'history'.  Please choose whatt is helpful for you and reach out if you feel you need help - and also reach out to support others.

Please try to look after yourself and others during this challenging time.

For more resources specific for BPD please vist our "Support For" Pages

Here, we will aim to focus on resources of particular relevance to BPD.  

Mahlie (Graphics4Good) discusses some strategies and ideas for what's helping her to get through the COVID-19 lockdown for people who struggle with BPD YouTube clip.  

Mahlie has uploaded a Drawing for Distress Tolerance workship in 4 parts.  This is an arts based workshop created by Mahlie, originally for a face to face format. Her goal is to work with people to use art to regulate emotions, tolerate distress and find positive solutions to these challenges. 
Part 1 - Intro, about Mahlie and Continuous Line Drawing

Part 2 - Using the skill - Story Drawing.

Part 3 -  Repetitive Shapes and Lines

Part 4 -  Colour Challenge

For more info and resources: Graphics For Good insta: @graphicsforgood

BPD Peer recommended resources for managing quarantine and covid-19

A post on The Mighty Why the Coronavirus Is Triggering My Fear of Abandonment

Carissa from Embracing BPD shares some DBT skills and tools to help manage distress during this challenging time. Watch here

FACE COVID - from Russ Harris - author of the "Happiness Trap" and developer of ACT (Acceptance and Committment Therapy).  Also available as a pdf to download 

Fact Sheets and informatin designed to help you help yourself and more general resources from Equally Welll

Keeping mentally healthy  when isolating or spending a lot of time at home.

Ways to Support Ourselves and family members who have
Borderline Personality Disorder and Emotion Dysregulation - a webinar from NEA BPD.  NB This webinar is aimed towards carers and some people with BPD may find some of the language blaming.

Living with worry and anxiety amidst global uncertainty  Download pdf

A useful set of resources to support work in the era of COVID-19: (from the Australian Psychological Association)
• Tips for coping with coronavirus anxiety
• Maintaining your mental health during social isolation
• Coronavirus (COVID-19) anxiety and staying mentally healthy
• Official sources (reliable sources of information on COVID-19)

Helping the Helpers.  Dr. Blaise Aguirre offers strategies from dialectical behavior therapy to help mental health professionals and health care workers from all disciplines cope with the challenges they are facing during COVID-19. Webinar

Clinician Self-Care in the Time of COVID-19 - Blaise Aguirre, MD, offered strategies from dialectical behavior therapy to help mental health professionals and health care workers from all disciplines cope with the challenges they are facing during COVID-19. Webinar


Information sheet from CEED in regards to how Covid-19 may uniquely impact those people with Eating Disorders (and often co-occuring with BPD) For people with Lived Experience and Carers  For clinicians


CoviBook for kids - an activity book for kids explaining the pandemic in a simplified way  Download pdf

From FaPMI (Eastern Health Melbourne) - Autumn edition of their newsletter which has some tips for talking to children about the coronavirus and a great list of ideas to do at home now that holiday school programs and activities have been cancelled.

This list has been collated for Home Schooling Children.  It includes a number of links of live webcams for zoos around the world, museums, virtual field trips etc. Download here